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20 ezer szó

Ez a húszezer szavas kisregény nem egészen regény és nem egészen az élet. Valahol a kettő között. Egy kislány, akit nagy veszteségek értek, megtalálja vigaszát a szerelemben. Csakhogy nem minden az, aminek látszik, és nem mindenki érdemli meg a szerelmet. A probléma, amivel Gabrielle-nek meg kell küzdenie, már előfordult és még elő is fog fordulni milliószor a történelemben. Csak remélhetjük, hogy a végén minden jóra fordul.


20 thousand words, 2017
  12 year old Gabrielle lives in a small Swiss town with her mother. Her parents divorced a year ago when they became hostile to their old friend Amadeus and forbade Gabrielle from contact with him.
  One day she meets a handsome young man, Anders, 25, who, after being friends with her for a while, confesses to being in love with her. The first kiss is not the only one. Some weeks later Gabrielle wakes up at early dawn, feeling nauseous.
  Everything has changed. She won’t tell Anders; she won’t tell her mom. She leaves the house and rings at Amadeus’ door.
  Gabrielle disappears for days. The police question Amadeus, but he refuses to let them in without a warrant, so they have to leave.
  Nothing has been heard of Anders since Amadeus visited him that morning and gave him thirty minutes to disappear from the canton, or rather from the country.
  Gabrielle’s parents are invited to a cafe where they are informed about her broken-off relationship and abortion, and they’re given a list of demands they must meet before Gabrielle will come home.